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The ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Our mission is to care and protect the sea and our environment. We offer charters in small committee to enjoy and explore the beauty of the Grenadines while having a minimum impact on natural flora and fauna.

Enjoying the pleasures of sailing and explore the beauty of the Grenadines while having the least impact on the environment is part of our values. We believe in environmental responsibility for sustainable tourism, that nature is our treasure and we must help to preserve it.

Our actions to preserve the beauty of the ecosystem in the Grenadine Islands :

The sails are our engines. Sailing 90% of every journey as a real traditional yachting experience to glide quietly over the sea
No plastic bottles on board and no single-use items
Coastal and sea wast cleaning (pick up rubbish at beaches and under water and dispose it properly)
Sunpower to produce electricity for the normal consommation on board, 12 volt water maker
Many lotions contain substances such as oxybenzone, highly dangerous for the ocean and responsible for corals’ bleaching. We try to convince our guest to turn towards greener alternatives and promote reef save sunscreen on ISOLABLUE or even better to invest in good quality UV protection clothing that protects the skin against the harmful UV-rays

Snorkel responsibly (not touching and/or standing on corals; not chasing wild life and sea creatures, pick up garbage, don’t take anything - except photos)
Biodegradable cleaning products
Fresh products from local producers, farmers and fishers
Support of local eco-projects towards nature preservation: mooring projects (be careful where and how to drop the anchor, protect corals, mangroves and seagrass…), local honey production, plant mangrove trees, sea sustainability with coral plantation….
4-stroke outboard engine for the dingy (compared to 2-stroke engine)
Take it easy - reduce engine power and save up to 20 % of fuel
Use holding tanks
Protect wildlife by offering non-invasive visits to natural sights
We could propose charter excursions combined with green tours for our guests if interested


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